West Lothian Graffiti Cleaning

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We are experts at rapid response graffiti cleaning in West Lothian. It has now been shown numerous times in studies across the globe that if you want to reduce the chance of graffiti coming back then have it cleaned away within 3 days. If you do this it demotivates the people causing the damage because they know their tags will be removed almost straight away. We really understand the importance of this and we can deal with any graffiti quickly and efficiently.

We are extremely cost effect and when you consider the loss to your business with customers being put off then it makes sense to get graffiti cleaned off as soon as possible.  It’s easy to do it wrong and damage the wall that the graffiti has been sprayed onto.  But we know just how to do the job without damaging your property.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

We have a zero tolerance approach to graffiti vandals and vandalism. We provide the latest in anti-graffiti coatings which prevent adequate adhesion of graffiti to the surface. The coatings are a cost-effective measure which protect your surface and corporate image. The products are available in sacrificial, semi-sacrificial and non-sacrificial (long life) and help reduce future removal time and costs. We can help protect your building from graffiti vandalism before it occurs, call us today.